By the end of 2016, China's refining capacity has reached 750 million tons / year, accounted for 15% of total global refining capacity, ranking second in the world. Regarding the core business,China has formed the CNPC and Sinopec centered diversified competitive landscape, including CNOOC, ChemChina, SinoChem, Norinco Group, local refineries, foreign enterprises and coal base oil enterprises .

According to statistics of the projects that have been basically set into production, before 2020, China's total refining capacity will increase 120 million tons per year, which will add an annual capacity of 30 million tons per year, and the total refining capacity will reach at least 870 million tons per year. Regarding the net export situation of refined oil products on the basis of domestic surplus, net exports of refined oil products will reach more than 50 million tons by 2020, when the total output accounted for the domestic refined oil 15%. At that time, China may become the largest net exporter of refined oil products in Asia-Pacific. 

In order to provide an exclusive networking platform for industrial experts, and promote industry development and technology progress, China International Refining & Chemical Convention (IRCC2018),organized by MES Consulting and industrial giants will be held on May 17th to 18th in Shenzhen,China. IRCC2018 will bring together more than 300 industry stakeholders from all over the world, including government officials, representatives of industry associations, oversea and domestic refining& chemical companies, research institutes,and product/service suppliers. Fundamental topics to be discussed include industrial policies, market trends, major projects progress, and global technology innovation strategies. Furthermore,there will be, ample time provided for networking. With so many key players from the industry present, it will be an excellent opportunity to meet new clients and form new business partnerships.